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SYG 1000
Greg Lukasik

Chapter 1 Sociological Perspective Notes Psychology doesn’t explain where strong emotions come from because psychology only studies the individual. Sociology studies the environment. Autism  Autism is becoming more and more apparent.  Genetics influence autism, age of parents, etc.  Increased testing of autism and expansion of symptoms.  Some schools don’t have resources specifically for autistic kids. There is a social stigma against autistic people. Romantic Love and Marriage  Why do people fall in love? Chemical reactions. We ourselves like to be loved. It is what is expected from society.  The nobility created the romantic sense of love.  Some say love is about money and status, or even economic stability.  Romantic love was received by the Taliban as a western invention, and it was considered horrible  Love is not necessary for marital happiness Columbine Massacre  Why did the 2 men do it  Affected by the outside world and close relatives and friends.  Close access to guns and weapons  Media is not covering other smaller shootings (or even of the same size) because most of them take place in the ghetto  Media tries to act like black people do not exist  Gender Socialization- Majority of people who kill are men. Society is the one who is making the difference (raising the children in a set standard) Terrorism  Extremely violent acts committed against a group of people due to religious or political differences.  Social media is brainwashing us into believing certain things about terrorism.  Terrorism is about control, power, land, or politics  The weather underground and the KKK were terrorist groups stationed in the US Sociology  The study of human social life, groups, and societies focusing on the modern world. Society  Group of people sharing culture and territory.  We are afraid of change Social Structure  Patterns in peoples’ social behavior. Predictable. Human Agency  The ability of humans to shape the world.  Suicide is not only caused by severe depression but society and groups also cause it. Structuration  We are shaping our world, and our world is shaping us in return. Development of Sociological Thinking August Comte (1798-1857)  Positivism (observation and experimentation)  Social statics- the study of stability and order.  Social dynamics- social change Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)  Organic analogy explaining social stability  Natural selection (survival of the fittest) Karl Marx (1818-1883)  Materialist, critical of capitalism (analyzed it)  Recognized social class and class conflict  Believed society is maintained through domination, not by consensus. *false consciousness Emilie Durkheim (1858-1917)  Division of labor is the mechanism of social change  Organic solidarity  Study of suicide  Introduced statistical techniques Max Weber (1864-1920)  Method of verstehen  Argued for value-free research  Importance of cultural ideas and values for social change  Rationalization of social and economic life  Buereaucracy Harriet Martineau (1802-1876)  First book on methodology  Feminist theory  Spoke against slavery and oppression of women W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963)  Double consciousness  Connected social analysis to social reform concern  Concern with the issue of race in America Why do people beg for money?  They need it  They cant find a job  It
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