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Textbook Notes for Ritchie Rachel

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FIUPSY 2012Ritchie RachelFall

PSY 2012 Chapter 3.10: Chapter 3 Module 10 PSY 2012

OC10918302 Page
13 Aug 2016
Eardrum: part of the ear that vibrates when sound waves hit it: vibrations are then transferred into the middle ear containing three bones: hammer, anv
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FIUPSY 2012Ritchie RachelFall

PSY 2012 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1.2: Leta Stetter Hollingworth, Margaret Floy Washburn, Hermann Ebbinghaus

OC10918301 Page
12 Aug 2016
This is not a scientific technique and it is difficult for people to describe inner experiences. Functionalism: william james, how behavior functions a
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