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CLT 3370
Elizabeth Richey

Poseidon andAthena Poseidon I. Poseidon a) Controls the sea b) The Earth-Shaker c) The Dark-Blue-Haired one d) Kronos and Rhea e) Amphitrite f) Triton II. Poseidon and water (sea, springs) a) Homer’s Odyssey 1) Polyphemos the Cyclops: in order to escape Polyhemos, Odysseus get him drunk and blinds his one eye 2) Nausithoüs and the Phaeacians: also said to be a son of Poseidon. The Phaeacians take Odysseus home, and as punishment, Poseidon threatens to landlocked them—but instead he turn the boat into stone b) Theseus 1) The dive of Theseus: on his way to Crete fromAthens, becauseAthens was sending a payment to Crete for sacrifice—where the Minotaur resided. Theseus agrees to go on the ship, but while on the ship, and the captain begins to taunt him, and make fun of him. He dives off of the boat and into the ocean—typically a metaphorical way of dying—but then he doesn’t come up. Goes down to the bottom and brings up unaged roses c) Contest with Hera overArgos: Poseidon also has control over springs of fresh waters—wants to sleep with a daughter of the house ofArgos---he can create rivers or springs, yet he can also destroy them, just as quickly. 1) Amymone 2) River Lerna III. Poseidon and horses a) Contest with Athena overAthens: Poseidon tried to win over Athens by bribing them with power over the sea, yet then they also say that he gave them the first horse. 1) Poseidon’s gift: sea or horse? 2)
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