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Chapter 1

CGS 2100 Chapter 1: CGS2100- Chapter 1 Notes

Computer Science
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Melina Vastola

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CGS2100: Chapter 1- Using Technology to
Change the World
Technology on the World Stage
Political Issues
oSocial Networking
Social networking: a means by which people use the internet to
communicate and share information among their immediate
friends and to meet and connect w/ others through common
interests, experiences, and friends
2014 uprisings in Ukraine orchestrated by way of
Facebook pages
Politicians use social media as part of their political strategy
U.S.: Barack Obama using Facebook/Twitter to
“communicate” w/ constituents
Italy: Beppe Grillo- largest vote for a single party by using
social media (FB and Twitter) to gain voters instead of TV
or newspaper ads
India: Finance Minister used Google+ to communicate
UK: “Yatterbox” used in Scottish Parliament, House of
Commons, and Northern Ireland Assembly; UK politicians
post 2mil+ posts on social media sites
Social media bolsters immediate two-way communication
British Parliament, legalization of gay marriage:
lawmakers would live-tweet to hear almost instant
feedback which may help represent the masses’ wants
oCrisis-Mapping Tool
Crisis-mapping tool: a tool that collects information from e-mails,
texts, blog posts, and tweets and maps them, making the
information publicly available
Ushahidi (“testimony”-Swahili)
oHaiti earthquakes: Ushahidi told rescuers where
injured people were located
oJapanese tsunami: Ushahidi let anyone w/ cell
phones locate clean water/food
Other Global Issues
oHealth Care
Computationally intense modeling software is making it easier
for scientists to create vaccines for rapidly-changing diseases
and illnesses (the ?u, HIV, etc.) more quickly
Retinal prosthetics
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