MAN-3240 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Outsourcing, Employee Engagement, Triple Bottom Line

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13 Sep 2017
Organizational Behavior Notes 1!
Organizational Behavior - the systematic study and application of knowledge about how
individuals and groups act within the organizations where they work. !
-OB draws from psychology, sociology, medicine, and political sciences !
-People who study OB are interested in: !
-Work Attitudes !
-Job Satisfaction !
-Organizational Commitment !
-Workplace Behavior !
-Customer Service!
-Counterproductive Work!
3 Key Levels of Analysis in OB:!
-The individual !
-The group !
-The organization!
Why Does OB Matter?!
-Because it is al about things you care about !
-Because employers care about topics covered in OB!
-Top 5 personal qualities/skills employers look for in job candidates: !
-Ability to make decisions and solve problems !
-Ability to verbally communicate with those within and outside the organization !
-Ability to work in a team structure !
-Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work !
-Ability to analyze data !
-Because organizations care about understanding people !
-50% of respondents say that their organizations do not engage in eective people
management practices covered in OB. !
!1.!Know yourself.#Take a personal inventory and see where you are. What are your talents?
Where are you weak and could use additional practice?$
!2.!Keep your skills fresh. Consider revolutionizing your portfolio of skills at least every six
!3.!Master something. Competence in many skills is important, but excelling at something
will set you apart.$
!4.!Embrace ambiguity. Many people fear the unknown. They like things to be predictable.
Unfortunately, the only certainty in life is that things will change. Instead of running from
this truth, embrace the situation as a great opportunity.$
find more resources at
find more resources at
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