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Chapter 15

MAND 2001 Chapter 15: 北京的夜市 (Beijing's Night Markets)

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Mandarin Chinese
MAND 2001
Xinran Dong

Lesson 15: 北京的夜市 (Beijing’s night markets) Vocab 夜市 Yèshì Night market; night fair 大街小巷 dàjiē xiǎo xiàng(literally “big streets and small alleys”); almost everywhere/anywhere 后海 hòuhǎi Houhai; a famouse lake in Beijing 酒吧 jiǔbā Bar; barroom 观光 guānguāng Go sightseeing 观光客 guānguāng kè Tourist; sightseer 热闹 rènào (or a place) lively; bustling with noise and excitement 成千上万 chéng qiān shàngThousands upon thousands hējiǔ Drink alcoholic liquor 喝酒 唱歌 chànggē sing 散步 sànbù Take a walk; go for a walk 湖 hú lake 皇帝 huángdì emperor huāyuán garden 花园 中华民国 zhōnghuá mínguó Republic of China (1912 - present, government moved to Taiwan in 1949) 成立 chénglì Found; establish 皇家 Huángjiā imperial kāifàng Open to the public 开放 老百姓 lǎobǎixìng The common people 岸上 ànshàng On the bank; on the shore 游船 yó
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