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ENGL 1101

ENGL 1101 Dr. Phoebe Bronstein GATech Multimodal Synergy (WOVENtext 48) 1. Multimodal competence is essential to success & public speaking 2. W.O.V.E.N. = Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal. 3. What is communication? a. Communication is a varied response from different people, but it is the speaking and understanding between two or more people, one being a speaker and the other(s) being the audience. b. It is actually an area of study & a practice c. Features: dynamic, involves rhetoric effects (purpose, audience, argument, evidence, design, etc), involves writers, readers, speakers (basically the whole audience and the speaker(s)), and it is the key to different forms of interpretation. 4. Standard Written English = a convention (like where to place the comma in a sentence) adopted by the world individually by each country. Follow the SWE for the country you are in. 5. Know your audience & prepare your message appropriately. 6. What is multimodal synergy? a. Medium – technologies of distribution, such as a printed book, CD, microphone, computer applications, TV, etc. b. Mode – organize, regular means of representation and communication, such as a gesture, posture, and speech, music. c. Multimodality – communication that occurs indifferent forms and through different means. d. A mode doesn’t exist without a medium (because com
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