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ENGL 1101

08.22.2013 ENGL 1101 Dr. Phoebe Bronstein Designing Pages and Screens (WOVENtext 49) 1. Designing pages and screens helps analyze how to create & organize documents for own purpose in a way that will complement your work. Understanading Design Principles 1. Alignment a. Make sure that when you are trying to deliver a message, like a speech or a website page, to align the visual parts of the message to make it look professional. Important tricks: i. Align similar elements, like sets of lists, together (even if the types of lists are different) ii. Avoid having too many breaks in your work (indentations, etc) that will cause a “vertical line”. (an example is this very piece of paper. See how easy it is to draw attention to each indentation due to the organization. NOT GOOD for formal speeches) iii. Make sure that pictures, charts, and other “graphic” stuff is placed correctly. You don’t want a graph of nutritional facts surrounding a paragraph about set up a computer. b. Make sure to look at the picture in 93a to help understand the concept. 2. Chunking a. Chunking = arranging parts of the text that go together (chunks of the paper that “fit” together) b. 3 easy ways to create visual attraction for chunks i. Insert a heading before each info chunk. ii. Indent the paragraph to group stuff together (like pictures, or lists) iii. Insert a break in the paper (extra blank lines) to really draw attention to the info (for example, a page break before your bibliography/works cited. THAT MAKES IT IMPORTANT) c. Just make sure that your info isn’t chunked too largely, your audience (remember multimodality) gets bored easily with that. 3. Contrast a. Basically, don’t use just bla
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