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Big Picture/preview InteractionBetweenHumansand Inner and East Asia, 600 - 1200 the Environment-Demography and disease Migration, Patterns DevelopmentandInteractionof Cultures-Belief systems Science and technology, arts and architecture. State-building,Expansion,andConflict-Political structures and forms of governance, expansion. Creation,Expansion,andInteractionof Economic Systems-Agricultural and pastoral production, Trade, Laborsystems. DevelopmentandTransformationofSocial Structures Gender roles and relations, Family and kinship, Racial and ethnic constructions Socialandeconomic classes Topic Heading Info and Sub - The reunification of China after centuries of division into small principalities took Statebuilding under the Sui dynasty but after 34 years in 615 Sui collapsed paving the way for the Tang Headings dynasty I. The Early Tang - In 618 powerful Li family took advantage of Sui disorder to carve out an empire of Empire, 618 – similar scale and ambition - Tang avoided overcentralizing rule by allowing local nobles, gemntry, officials and 755 religious establishments to have power A. Tang Origins - Tang emperors and nobility the Tang emperors and nobility descended from the Turkic elites that build small states in northern China - They continued the Confucian system of examining candidates for bureaucratic offices - In warfare Tang combined Chinese weapons with Inner Asian (Turkic) expertise in horsemanship - Tang rulers followed the Inner Asian precedents in their political use of Buddhism Belief Systems B. Buddhism and - Mahayanam, Great Vehicle, Buddhism predominated; Mahayana fostered faith in the Tang Empire enlightened beings who postpone nirvana to help others achieve enlightenment and encouraged translating Buddhi
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