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Chapter 11

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PSYC 1101

Ch 11Emotion and Motivation I Theories of Emotion What Causes Our FeelingsEmotions mental states or feelings associated with our evaluations of our experiencesDiscrete Emotions Theory o Discrete Emotions Theory humans experience a small number of distinct emotions even if they combine in complex ways emotions all have an evolutionary base o Support for an Evolutionary Base of EmotionsSome emotional expressions emerge without direct reinforcementMay be byproducts of innate motor programsex Babies smile during REM sleepDarwin showed similarities in emotions between humans and other animalsEx When dogs snarl it looks like when humans sneer o Culture and EmotionRecognition of Emotions across CulturesPeople recognize and generate the same emotional expressions across cultures o However this may be because everyone has been exposed to western culture o A study by Paul Ekman in New Guinea debunked this confound and led Ekman to hypothesize the existence of 7 primary emotionsHappinessSadnessSurpriseAngerContemptDisgustFear o Our brains create however a wide array of secondary emotions by mixing different primary emotionsCultural Differences in Emotional Expression Display RulesCultures differ in display rulesDisplay Rules societal guidelines for how and when to express emotions o ex Americans teach boys that it is not acceptable to cry and vice versa for girlsWallace Friesen o In a study of display rules he filmed the reactions to gory films of Japanese and American students
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