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Chapter 9

BUS 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Takeover, 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

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BUS 100

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Chapter 9
Which of these countries has seen the biggest recent surge in IPOs?
Who regulates stock markets?
National regulators
Bonds are used for:
Debt financing by companies and governments
Why are derivatives risky?
Their values fluctuate in accordance with the asset class that they depend on.
Which of the following was the least significant factor in causing the financial crisis of 2008?
The US trade deficit
The Bretton Woods agreement was notable for which of the following?
Exchange rates pegged to the US dollar
The World Bank was created to fund:
Development projects and broad development programmes
Why has the IMF been criticized for its handling of the Asian financial crisis?
Because it adopted a one-size-fits-all approach to market-oriented reforms in affected countries
A hostile takeover occurs when:
The board of the target company rejects the offer of the acquirer, who then proposes it to the
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