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Chapter 4

HIST 125 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: John Calvin, Primogeniture, Anglicanism

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HIST 125

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Chapter 4 terms
Grand Canal; Beijing-Nanjiang
trade canal constructed between the cities of Beijing and nanjiang
a belief that emphasizes the importance of humans lives
Age of Exploration
a time in European history when there was extensive exploration of the world
Treaty of Tordesillas - 1494
the reason Portugal is the only non Spanish colony in South America. a treaty
dividing newly found lands between Spain and Portugal
Christopher Columbus - 1492
Italian born discoverer who sailed under the crown of Spain and discovers what
he thinks is India(he's stupid) when he discovers the Caribbean
Columbian Exchange
the exchange of new animals plants and ideas between the new and old worlds
Protestant Reformation
a schism between the catholic church that begins when Martin Luther posts his 95
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