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Chapter 3

HIST 125 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: The Residents, Placer Mining, San Joaquin Valley

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HIST 125

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Discuss an Indigenous group
The Yokuts
Tribe in Central Valley/ San Joaquin Valley
Evaded Spanish settlement
Spoke Penutian
Traded goods w people along coast and Sierra foothills
Got horses from already established missions
Lived in Marshes so as to avoid settlement
Environmental Management Techniques
Natives burning land so they could farm it; Spanish thought they were barbaric bc
they were burning land; Would get arrested; People needed to make land
productive bc otherwise it could be taken away; Showed autonomy of native land
Modesta Avila (1889)
Set something on train tracks and claimed that land her own and ask train
company to pay for using her land
Contesting new economy
Throws party for asking for money from train track company
gets arrested for disturbing the peace and jailed
Protesting industry US brought after taken from Mexico
represents many Californios who lost their land bc of US conquest
Relationship to how they lost rancho grants essay
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Max Mendelson
Merchant, postmaster, and express agent in San Juan (1889)
Controlled most of the land in San Juan
Also integrated into San Juan Society by employing Californios
Changing community and being absorbed into it
Bought a lot of land like land from the Olivares
Also had a store to bring in more money
Wrote down what everyone owed him but people were illiterate so he could trick
1851 California Land Law
Required all Mexican landowners to validate their grants before a Land Claim
Hurt Mexican property owners because if they did not validate their grants,
anyone could go on their property legally
The way mexican land was distributed was v different from US so it was super
hard for Mexicans to keep all of their land legally
Disregard those Articles of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
All this cost money which could only be gotten by either mortgaging their rancho
or selling their cattle.
What rights did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo guarantee to Mexican citizens in
the ceded territories; were these enforced?
Peace treaty signed on February 2, 1848 that ended the Mexican-American War
(1846-1848). The treaty came into force on July 4, 1848.
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