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George Mason University
Health Administration and Policy
HAP 310
Clyde Bush

Chapter 2-Top Priority: The Patient Establishing Ethical Standards- Dr. William Mayo stated, “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered” (Mayo,1910). Afoundation of trust should exist in every healthcare provider-patient relationship. Two examples of high ethical standards: 1. Never let a company’s influence or our personal relationships or greed prevent you from putting the patient’s best interest first. 2. Resources should not be wasted due to professional shortcomings. In other words, do no overuse supplies or use unnecessary supplies in caring for a patient; doing so will contribute to higher medical bills. Seeing red: Respect, empathy, and dignity in health care- Though your personal life and your professional life should be kept separate, certain your values heavily influence your thoughts, words, and actions. The wise healthcare professional knows the worth of putting the patient first and giving every patient, regardless of that patient’s appearance, economics, or beliefs, the best of care. Empathy- remembering how you would want to be treated as a patient and understanding patient needs will enhance how you serve patients. Respect- another attribute necessary in quality health care. To respect someone is to show that person attention and regard the person’s feelings. Dignity- is a result of another person showing you regard. Specifically, if you show a patient respect, you can empower that person to feel dignity. Remember that when a patient goes to a healthcare provider for help, he or she is probably not at their personal best. They might be irritable or withdrawn which is why it is important that as a healthcare professional, you present yourself with the highest of standards by maintaining a spirit of helpfulness, knowledge, and regard for the other person’s condition. Anyone seeking professional care or treatment for health is considered a healthcare consumer. Ethical Considerations in Healthcare Provider-Patient Relationships- The relationship you have with patients is a fragile one. You want to provide th
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