DAN 345 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Modern Dance, Martha Graham, Expressionist Dance

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5 Feb 2017

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DAN 345 Week 3 Reading 1 and Reading 2 Notes
Assignment: McCormick, Reynolds, No Fixed Points, pp. 141-156, 157-166
- the Big Four of modern dance were Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles
Weidman, and Hanya Holm
- around the 1930s, so much was accomplished in modern dance in such a short time
- modern dance was very much a state of mind and different ideologies formed
- most modern dancers worked full time jobs and danced in the evenings and on weekends
- John Martin was a dance editor and critic at the New York Times, and his commentary
on dance spurred the development of the modern movement
- he took ballet lessons in Brooklyn and traveled to Europe to learn about Ausdruckstanz,
which was expressive dance
- he left Germany with clear standards of judgment which he brought back to America
- Louis Horst wanted to create movement independently of music
- he studied in Vienna and then shared his knowledge with Martha Graham
- Horst composed scores after the choreography was completed
- Horst and Graham were lovers from 1921-1948 when they went their separate ways
- Graham enrolled in the Denishawn program when she was 21
- she did not fit the thin, willowy body type of Denishawn, but still made the company
- she left Denishawn for a teaching position in New York
- she believed that dance stemmed from human emotion
- she relied on intensity and concentration for effect and did not conceal physical effort
- Graham developed the concepts of contraction of release
- these qualities defined her system of dance that was her own
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