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Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology OEB 53
Andrew Berry

Julie Vu TF: Pan Pan Jiang THE O RIGIN OF THE SPECIES:C HAPTER 2(V ARIATION UNDER NATURE ) Why does Darwingo togreat lengthsto describethe extent of variationinnature? Darwin needs to convince readers that enough variation is present in nature for natural selection to act on, resulting in the current diversity of life. He draws a direct parallel between selection of organisms in the wild to selection on domesticated organisms, stating “These individual differences are highly important for us, as they afford materials for natural selection to accumulate, in the same manner as man can accumulate in any given direction individual differences in his domesticated productions” (45). How doesDarwintryto distinguish“species”from“varieties”?Ishesuccessful? Darwin starts out with making the observation that naturalists have not been able to come to any definite conclusion about what is considered a species and what is considered a variety. He reasons that varieties may eventually become species if they become “strongly marked and more permanent varieties”, with a variety becoming so numerous as to
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