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Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology OEB 53
Andrew Berry

Julie Vu TF: Pan Pan Jiang T HEO RIGIN OF THE S PECIES:C HAPTERS 7/8(I NSTINCT AND HYBRIDISM ) Darwinchoosesto focusonseveral highly complexbehaviorsas thebehavioral equivalents ofthe eyeand other“organsof extreme perfection andcomplication”(Chapt6). Namethree ofthese behaviors highlighted by Darwin. Darwin highlights comb-building in honeybees, cuckoo parasitism, and “slave-making” in ants. Outline howDarwin supposes these behaviorsto have evolved. Darwin draws a parallel between physical structures and behavior, making the case that slight variations in behavior that are advantageous will be preserved by natural selection; over time, even the most complex behaviors can be developed. He argues that finding evidence of gradations is possible. Darwin suggests that the stepwise evolution of hive-bee cell-building is resource-driven, with the need for efficient storage of large quantities of honey is likely to have led to the evolution of hexagonal cells. What, inDarwin’s opinion, causes hybridstobe ster
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