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Psychology 15
Christopher Greene

Ellen Katherine Rothschild Social Psych Chapter 9: Social Influence Obedience to Authority Stanley Milgram’s study of why and when people obey the commands of someone in authority • What would happen when if he asked participants to give electric shocks whenever a subject preformed a task (really a confederate of the experimenter) • Asurprisingly large percentage of his participants were willing to do something they thought was hurting another human being, even when there was no group of other participants leading the way. • “please continue” … “the experiment requires that you continue” … “it is absolutely necessary that you continue” … “you have no other choice; you must go on” • people continues to obey the experimenter and to shock the confederate o 66% of participants continued to deliver to the maximum shock. • Participants in conflict: compelled to complete the experiment, but also compelled to terminate the experiment (caused stress) o Increase the forced compelling them to stop by increasing an awareness of the learners suffering  As the learner became more and more present and “real” the teachers found it increasingly difficult to deliver the shocks and obedience diminished  The more removed we are from others the easier it is to hurt them. o Increase the forces compelling them to complete the experiment by having the experimenter present – physically removing experimenter loses influence  Also diminish experimenters power by altering his authority  Easier to defy him when he is less salient and les of an authority in the participants mind  Making it easier to disobey is more effective then increasing their desire to disobey No one anticipated the widespread obedience that Milgram found. • Agroup of psychiatrists predicted that fewer then 1% would deliver the maximum shock • Almost no one believes, even after hearing the basic results and all the experimental variations, that he or she would de
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