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Chapter 2

HWST 107 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Grace Fortescue, Joseph Kahahawai, Hubris

Hawaiian Studies
Course Code
HWST 107

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Episode 4: A Sinister Past
● Joseph Kahahawai: born Dec. 5, 1909
○ Says “killed Jan. 8, 1932”
○ Spirit rose out during Elderts’ killing
Massie Times
○ Tommy and Thalia Massie from New Jersey
■ Tommy: middle class family from Kentucky
● Worked on a submarine in the navy
■ Thalia: American aristocrats that somehow didn’t end up w/ the
● Had affairs w/ other men while Tommy was away
■ Kidnapped a baby for fun during one summer after spending the summer
w/ the Roosevelts
● Judge dismissed the case b/c she was related to the Roosevelts
■ Acted privileged during Hawai’i visit
○ Ben Kahawelo and Joseph Kahahawai from Hawai’i
■ From the poorest district in Waikiki
■ w/ two Japanese individuals
● Hawai’i regarded science as superstition
● Tourism and military contributed largely to Hawai’i’s economy
○ After the Great Depression
● Era of prohibition, but alcohol was easy to get
The Case
● September 12, 1931: similar to a night like Elderts’ death
○ Thalia stormed out of the bar after arguing w/ Tommy while hanging out w/ him
and a whole bunch of navy friends
■ Nothing unusual
■ Around 11:35 pm-12 am
● 12:50 am: flagged down a car full of civilians less than a mile away from the bar
○ “Are you white people?”
○ Face was swollen
○ Thalia tells them that she’s been kidnapped by a group of Hawaiians
○ “Just take me home”
● upon getting home, she tells Tommy that she’s been kidnapped and raped
○ Examined at the hospital; no evidence of rape but evidence of assault
■ Says that Hawaiians attacked her from out of a car
○ Police was hanging outside her house; broadcasted the Kahahawai case w/ the
license plate #
■ Changed her case to say that the car she was attacked by was the one
that Kahahawai was in
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