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Chapter 1

HWST 107 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Massie Trial, Block Party, Ala Moana Beach Park

Hawaiian Studies
Course Code
HWST 107

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Episode 1: The Death of Kollin Elderts
The Event
● November 5, 2011: Christopher Deedy shoots Kollin Elderts at McDonalds on Kuhio Ave
○ Tourists, military, and locals out on the streets
● Christopher Deedy: a federal agent sent to Hawaii for the APEC summit
○ On island for 13 hours, 27 years old
○ From Arlington, VA
○ Off-duty, but possessed a concealed gun
● Kollin Elderts: 23 year old Native Hawaiian from Kailua, HI
I. Elderts was harassing a fellow McDonald’s customer at the register, McKel Perine (?)
● Perine is significantly wasted
● Elderts calls him “haole” and makes fun of him
II. Deedy confronts Elderts after both him and Perine are seated at separate booths
● Elderts tells him to mind his own business
○ “Who do you think you are, haole?”
● Elderts pushes him down
III. Deedy feels threatened to the point where he decides to shoot Elderts three times in the
● 2:42 am… only took three minutes
● Two shots missed, third one is punctured in his heart
IV. Deedy tries to cover for himself, performing CPR as the police/ambulance is on its way
V. Elderts dies on the way to the hospital
VI. Deedy is charged w/ second degree murder
● Didn’t tell them that he was a law enforcement officer until he mentioned that in his
subsequent two trials
● Arrives in HI early Friday afternoon after long day of travel from D.C.
○ Super tired
● Meets w/ Ben Finkelstein for a late lunch
○ Finkelstein advises Deedy to bring a firearm to prepare himself for anything
○ Finkelstein is haole himself, but has Hawaii connections
■ Told him about the usage of the word ‘haole’ and how it could be
derogatory, but not necessarily offensive
● Meets w/ Andy Kotowski and girlfriend at a local pub at 8:15
○ Heads to Chinatown for First Friday block party
■ Party has locals, military, and tourist
● Eat dinner at Maria Bonita, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Chinatown but soon leave b/c
karaoke is boisterous
● Swing by Bar 35 but soon leave
● Head over to Lewers Street
○ Moose McGillycuddy’s, a bar in Waikiki catered to military
● “Only drank four beers” within six hour period
○ But his credit card shows multiple drinks
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