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ANTH - Anthropology
ANTH 110

Kutura Bailey Dr. King MWF 11:10-12:00 pm 09/03/2013 “The Values Americans Live By” Notes L. Robert Kohls gives not only foreign visitors insight, but U.S. natives as well into the values that Americans hold. Kohls presents the ides that Americans do not really recognize the values that they have, but does not answer the questions of how these values have become bred within us. When did these values become priorities? Did they start after the American Revolution? Were they formed after we made economic changes, since Kohls made it apparent that we value free enterprise? And will these values last? I have pondered these questions while reading this article, and I hope that I may form some answers as I continue writing out my notes. - American value: each individual is unique, but we are somewhat predictable, because we do not only for our values from families or church like most Americans claim. Here are the values compared to most countries around the world: 1. Personal Control Over the Environment a. Americans don’t believe in fate “non-fatalistic” b. Man should control nature c. Americans determined to do what other nations believe are not possible i. I think this comes from winning the American Revolution. The U.S. was a just 13 colonies at the time, and they defeated the most powerful empire, so the victory brought this sort of pride that one can do anything they set their minds to. 2. Change a. Americans think change is good b. Most other countries see change as a threat 3. Time and its control a. Time is important to Americans i. This makes sense because Americans believe in hard work and being able to climb the social ladder, so time is very valuable. 4. Equality a. Equality is treated as a privilege ordained by God; Americans believe that God made everyone equal b. Foreign visitors think that status and rank gives security; authority is very important to them. This is understandable because they don’t like change. 5. Individualism and Privacy
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