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Psychology (PSYC)

PSYCH: Sensation and Perception Sensing vs. Perceiving  Sensation: sense organ’s response of external stimuli and transmission to brain  Perception: processing, organizing and interpreting what is sensed  Illusions: when perceptions doesn’t represent the world Vision  About 50% of our cortex is dedicated to processing visual information  Transduction: the process through which stimuli reaching receptors are converted to neutral impulses o Light transduction: process by which sensory neurons in the eye convert the light waves into neural impulses  The Neurons of Vision o Rods: very sensitive to light and only register shades of grey o Dark adaptation: become even more sensitive to light in the dark o Cones: sensitive to certain wavelengths and bright light. produce color vision  shorter electromagnetic waves appear blue-violet  medium waves are yellow-green  longer waves are red-orange  Psychophysics: the study of the relation between physical events and what people sense and perceive  Two Phases of Visual Perception o Organizing what is sensed o recognizing what’s organized  Phase 1: Organizing visual input o Gestalt Laws:  how the brain organizes visual input and explain how we make sense of what we see  without these laws, visual input seems chaotic  Law of Proximity: marks that are near one another tend to be grouped together  Law of Similarity: marks that look alike tend to be grouped together  Laws of good form/ good continuation: marks that fall along a s
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