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Chapter 35

NUR 239 Chapter Notes - Chapter 35: Naloxone, Butorphanol, Nalbuphine

Mennonite College of Nursing
Course Code
NUR 239
Yvette Pigman

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NUR 239/Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing I
Unit 1/PGR Note 5 – Pain (Pathophysiology/Pharmacotherapeutics)
Complete the following study guide and submit on Reggie Net by the due date on the Course Calendar
Porth Chapter 35 – Somatosensory Function, Pain, and Headache
Define the following terms:
Pain threshold
Pain tolerance
Neuropathic pain
Key Learning Objectives - Answer the follow questions (Porth Chapter 35)
Describe the somatosensory qualities that can be differentiated.(p. 858)
Describe the origins of Pain.
Describe the 1st, 2nd and 3rd order neurons in the Pain Pathway (see figure 35-7, p. 861 and
Somatosensory Systems, p. 854 -855)
Describe the types of pain.
Describe how pain should be assessed?
Identify Non-pharmacologic interventions to manage pain.
Describe pharmacologic treatment options.
Frandsen Chapter 49 – Drug Therapy with Opioids
Key Learning Objectives - Answer the follow questions (Frandsen - Chapter 49)
Describe the types of pain (Box 49.1)
Describe the factors that may influence a patient’s perception of pain.
Pharmacological management of pain includes which drug class?
Describe Preemptive analgesia (p. 946)
What drugs can interact with Morphine Sulfate? (Box 49.3, p. 952)
Describe Opioid Toxicity and management. (see Box 49.4, p. 953)
Summarize the important Patient teaching Guidelines for Opioid Analgesics (Box 49.6, p. 955).
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