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MKT 233

Interview Questions minimum 2 pages for 30 points 1What are the companys marketing objectivesTo distribute information among vast and original groups of people2Who are the companys major competitorsLifetime Fitness LA Fitness Fitness Premier Planet Fitness3Who is responsible for promotion decisionsThe executive director and myself4What has been done in previous promotional activities and how effective has it beenReduced membership costs incentivized membership reductiondo this and you get a free month member referrals5Who is their target marketHow do they segment their targetSenior citizens targeted by discounted membership and advertising the therapeutic warm water pool6Is there a positioning statementaIf so does the company have objectives for its marketing communication program If yes name them If no develop at least 3 marketing communications objectivesNoOne would be appeal to a younger crowdOne would be to incentivize prospects to sign up for membershipTo prove that we are the best fitness center in the area7What budget method are they usingHow do they set their budgetMonthly goals are set for membership signups and goals are determined by previous years8Does the company use an inhouse or external agency for its advertising Describe rationaleIn housePromotional Questions minimum 3 pages for 45 pointsask ALL include in write up 4 of 8 sections1Is the company doing traditional advertising print television radio outdooraIf yes what are the objectivesYes Traditionally market through radio but transitioning to alternative forms of marketing The objectives are to appeal to an older crowd but are now aiming to draw in a more youthful group of members bWhat are their advertising messages The advertising messages mainly focus on the warm water therapy pool basketball courts racquetball courts sauna steam room and whirlpool as they are the only facility in the area that can offer all of these amenities cWhat is their media strategy The strategy is to promote the aspects of the facility that other facilities do not have They are promoting an idea of you get what you pay fordProvide examples as appendicesiRiverside Fitness Center is a state of the art facility that offers amenities unlike any other in the greater Kankakee areaiiRiverside Fitness Center offers an unparalleled therapeutic experience to our members including a warm water therapy pool and massage therapyiiiRiverside Fitness Center offers Massage Therapy at a discounted rate to all Members Remember its not just a massage its THERAPYeIf no adopt the mindset that you have been hired as a consultant by your company to develop a marketing communication planfSet objectives for advertisingThe objectives for advertising for this facility should be to appeal to a more youthful crowd as the facility has amenities appealing to members of all ages it should promote
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