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Chapter Chapter 9: Luteal Body Formation and Ovulation

AN S 331 Chapter Chapter 9: Luteal Body Formation and Ovulation: MammalianFeedbackDiagram

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Animal Science
AN S 331
Youngs Curtis

systemically S tray Ea exerts a GnRH rashes surge center to exert Center rthen it rear nas feedb effect FS H slit a C Nature is ture of S to shmuuate. LH to reduce SS GnRH frequen D GnRH must be E a can Pukes VP4 for this to Toni happ Inhibin Center Hypothalamus Surge chter EO, ONeg. regulation Feedback e ffect Pos. reguletion HYPO ALAMIC HYPOPHYs Feedback effect L PO GnRH Some Ea ran ulosa Cells hare ters g cause up reg of ANTERIOR s prod uceca FSH f FSH ceptors and do LH eg receptors in granulosa cell onado also cause the release of nhib feed Ea travels Not a FSH Some acts. FSH Systemically IS Ea rage of FSH Inhibin binds to G troph Cells G. Propesterone systemically hare it exer travel and binds to its E feedback recep in the surge center to recauce lamus) where it ex er ts nhibin Hypo release of FS a negd tive foedback effect w lo alterin LH binds luteal The nature of is to cause release of Sews (o ry) hare it e Follicles LH Can Storage center feedb ack to sti CHE Nnmtsis 1release of P4 Proofs terone. P4 travel from the CL called the systemically and oind to its Follicies OVARY luteotrophic effect Yee trane endometrium (uterys) nhire it exerts a OVARY dvoace e Frect Prostaglanotin pad, a fatty Ac Nature of 1G to roduce by the endo metri stimulate histo troph PGFa cd. L except Bitch and woman), Proclu Hon travels systematically ang binds to its receptors in Progesterone trove s systemically large luteal cells in the nd binds it reccptors Corpus Lute cum Covary) n th m Home trium Cuter us) where it exerts Where it exerts a negative Feedback espect negative feedback effect Nature of is to Prevent Nature of WTERWS Contractions in the uterus to Lyse Kill Destroy the Corpus Luteum Cinduce Luteolysis)
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