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Chapter 9

P R 220 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Reputation Management, Listicle, Clickbait

Public Relations
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P R 220

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Ch 9. Writing
Listicle: an online article presented in the format of a
numbered or bulleted list of info
“List” + “article” (ex. Spork)
Critics say they are lazy writing
Clickbait: promotional or sensational internet content
designed primarily to entice users to visit another website
Like a popsicle - sweet and appealing but not very
5 Reasons to Write Well in PR
A good tweet resonates with followers
A good news release peaks to journalists, editors,
and their audience
Thank you’s to donors causing larger donations in
the future
PSA’s that actually influence teen’s rebellious
Good planning helps this as well
Influence and Persuasion
And a balance between the two within relationships
Goals and objectives
It takes clear writing to display goals and objective
of an organization - and they must be fulfilled
Reputation management
Reputation management: acting and
communicating - often in writing - to influence an
organization's reputation as a part of a process that
includes planning, analyzing feedback and
Happen through controllable and uncontrollable
Impression Management

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Impression management: process in which people
influence perceptions of themselves or their
organizations by regulating and controlling
information in social interactions
Ex. i talk to my parents a different way than i talk to
my parents and those are both different than how i
speak while giving a presentation - who i am and
the impression i need to maintain is different for
each of those audiences
Presenting yourself in a way to achieve a goal
Story telling
Focus on the reader - more “you’s” and fewer “we’s”
Seems simple but may be the most difficult - and most
desirable - skill of PR
Feature story: a story that explores some angle of
an event, a person’s life, an organization or a place
Delayed lead: a style of beginning a story in a way
that entices readers to continue reading without
summarizing the stories main points
Transmedia storytelling: telling a story across
multiple platforms like games, web pages, apps,
social media and traditional media
Feature types that PR professionals may produce:
How-to features
Personal profiles
First-person accounts
Opinion and editorial
Humor or satire
Round-up stories with perspectives from
multiple sources
Photo essays
Stories about products or services
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