W S 203 Chapter 6: Chapter 6-OGTL(2)

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Women's Studies
W S 203
Alissa Kristine Stoehr

Chapter 6-Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers • As mentioned last week, after WWII, society was looking for “normalcy” and “balance.” Homosexuals were hunted as supposed “Communists” were, and became targets of extreme persecution. They were seen as challenging morality and a detriment to the country’s image and standing in the world. • Between 1947-1950, 4,954 men and women were dismissed from the armed forces and civilian agencies for being homosexual • Senator Joseph McCarthy and the era of McCarthyism-pp. 140-143 • In one of his first acts in office, President Eisenhower signed an executive order that mandated the investigation for homosexuality not only of persons in “sensitive” positions, but of any government employee and of all new applicants for positions. There was no judicial review. A person could be fired merely on the basis of anonymous accusations. • The role of the ACLU during the McCarthy era-pp. 144-145 • All eras of society were impacted by this government witch hunt. People did not want to lose their jobs, and blamed activists who they thought were putting too much attention on lesbianism, which was creating suspicion on all married women. o Educational institutions-p. 145; p. 156 o Media-p. 145 o Lesbian pulp nove
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