W S 203 Chapter 2: Sex and Sensibility Notes

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Women's Studies
W S 203
Alissa Kristine Stoehr

Sex and Sensibility Notes Chapter 3 Information: • Creation of identity vs. “doing gender” • Separation of class & color • Boundaries broke down over time • Ritualization of “coming out” • Idolization • What does being a lesbian really mean? • Individualized lesbianism – personal definition according to their life experiences Questions: • Why do we come out anymore? Feelings: • Title of chapter was declining – lesbian feminists vs. lesbians • Getting rid of heterosexuality • Constant dismissal of bisexuality: ❖ Historical ❖ Author’s fault? Ideas: • Not coming out normalizes • Sexuality & coming out • Lesbian as a political identity – total exclusion of men • Deprecation of heterosexual relationships • Biphobia/Bierasure within the community • Celebration of and loving women Chapter 4 Themes • Feminism • old gay vs. new gay • lesbian identity • coming out • real vs. fake gay • being a "real" lesbian • political lesbian vs. just being a lesbian • lesbians having children • questioning monogamy Questions • does old vs. new gay still exist today? • Is the lesbian movement stil
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