W S 203 Chapter 4: Chapter 4-OGTL

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Women's Studies
W S 203
Alissa Kristine Stoehr

Chapter 4-Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers 1930s-increasing hostility toward independent females in the midst of the Depression; continued spread of medical opinion regarding the abnormality of love between women (p. 100); subcultures were more hidden; more lesbians married men and compromised their same-sex affections because they had no way to support themselves financially and financial independence was difficult (front marriages) • Female hoboes (p. 94) • Work for wages came to be seen not as a human right, but a privilege connected to gender; it was a woman’s patriotic duty not to work (p. 96) • Even rich women who identified as lesbians were having to deal with issues o Eleanor Roosevelt o p. 101-“Loveliest of Friends” • Lesbian novels o Moralistic disapproval of lesbianism o Bizarre and exotic portrayals of lesbians to help people forget about the Depression o Depictions of lesbian suicide: feelings of self-loathing and hopeless passion ▪ Authors were either heterosexuals who saw lesbians as posing a significant social threat to society or lesbians who did not question these “truths;” some lesbians did not want to stand up for themselves because they either did not want to publicly “out” themselves or they were so “few” in numbers that it would not make a difference; were they gull
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