W S 203 Chapter 7: Chapter 7-OGTL(1)

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Women's Studies
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W S 203
Alissa Kristine Stoehr

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Chapter 7-Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers • Lesbians were without a geography or space • Wanted to have more places to meet than bars o Positive characteristics of bars ▪ Lesbians could dress like they wanted ▪ Safe and secure place to meet friends and lovers • Free to dress how they wanted ▪ Easier to meet people ▪ Already established spaces-people were familiar with them o Negative characteristics of bars ▪ Encouraged drinking; alcoholism • Were not allowed to stay if you did not have a drink in your hand ▪ Not all lesbians smoked and drinked ▪ Only had bars where they could socialize and organize ▪ Police harassment-pay for protection ▪ Already established spaces-police were familiar with them ▪ Classism ▪ pp. 164-166 • Working-Class and Young Lesbians: Butch/Femme Roles o To be part of the lesbian subculture, you had to understand the butch/femme identity and choose one or the other o “Kiki”-2 butches or 2 femmes that were lovers or those who would not choose a role o Butch/femme identities are not imitations of heterosexuality, but are based on butch sexuality, femme sexuality, and on lesbian-specific, lesbian- culturally developed behavior o “There is another way of being a woman” o Stone butch-lesbian displaying female masculinity; falls within the identity of asexuality; do not usually like to be sexually touched by their partners, but will still provide sexual gratification to their partners ▪ Shame in being “flipped”-another woman being sexually aggressive with and having sexual power over a butch-identified woman; ▪ Some butch-identified women would not fully undress during sex • Example-“If These Walls Could Talk” • No societal encouragement to formulate new conceptions about gender identification
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