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Chapter 12

ANTH-A 107 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Code-Switching, Walmart

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ANTH-A 107
Sept Jeanne

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Communication in Practice
Expert Round C Worksheet
100 points possible
Instructions: Please read the chapter(s) you have been assigned, and be prepared to
discuss the following questions in class. I recommend you meet with your group
outside of class at least once to help each other understand the reading well. You can
also meet with me to clarify any questions you may have.
Chapter(s): 32 and 33
Group Member Name and Contact Info: Michael LoGiurato
1) What are the main ideas of the chapter(s)?
Chapter 32: In the inner city there are many times a person can have a face
threatening situation. There are two types of people in the city: decent folk and
street folk when you are in the street you have to prove and withhold your respect
by getting into fights. If you run away from fights you could be faced with disrespect
but there are a few reasons for running away from a fight.
Chapter 33: In any community there can be people that claim certain public spaces
and use them to create an identity. The example the author uses of this is the LGBTQ
community in Kentucky and AJ with his website. In Kentucky the locals in this
community use the Wal-Mart super store to drag and have fun. They almost use
this as a way of initiating people into the gay community and use it to maintain and
strengthen their identities. In the case of AJ he is a trans who started a website and
uses it to display his LGBTQ stances.
2) What are the key terms?
Chapter 32: face threatening, punk, code switching
Chapter 33: boundary publics
3) What are the most important examples the author gives?
Chapter 32: Oliver middle school kid who got punked and was thought of as a
bitch by the whole school. Antoine was playing basketball and someone tried to
punk him so he had to stand up for himself. Ben backing down from a fight with his
stepdad because he has sons as backup.
Chapter 33: Shaun and the HPA group. Sonia Livingstone determining the
distinction between offline and online technology in our everyday lives and the role
they play in making relationships. Joe calling his runway walk an initiation to the
gay community.
4) How are voices, identities, feelings, or ideologies upheld, strengthened, or
made dominant in the situation the author describes?
Chapter 32: According to the author, the ideologies of the inner-city youth are that if
you get punked in a situation you have to fight. The only acceptations to that are if
they have backup, they are a girl, you’re playing basketball, or it has consequences
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