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GER-E 121 Chapter 1,6,7,8,10,15,19,23,25,30: German Memories of a Nation notes

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Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

German Memories of a Nation Chapter 1 Brandenburg Gates preferred setting for any of Berlins meetings the national monument Originally the site where dues were collected from wagons entering the city in the 1780s Based on the gateway to Acropolis Unter den Linden (under the lime trees) For 8 years the gates did not have the bronze sculpture because the king of Prussia took it away from napoleon when he was occupying berlin When it returned they added the Prussian eagle and the lance in her hand is holding a iron cross During when Hitler was in power he was trying to build a Volkschalle, or a hall for the people that would have been 1,000 feet high and could hold 180,000 people to listen to Hitler Even the Brandenburg Gates were a place that were often rallied by the Nazis Unter den Linden was badly bombed in WW2 and the ruins were bulldozed Chapter 6 A Language for all Germans There are many different varieties of spoken German, but all share one written form Martin Luther translated the bible into German and helped create the modern day German language that is spoken today The reformation of Germany forced every ruler to choose either Catholic or Protestant Luthers NinetyFive Theses was being printed all over Germany and read by everyone Luthers ideas were very widespread and he was considered a heretic by the church and an outlaw by the emperor It was only until Luther was hiding did he translate the New Testament to German in 1522 There were translations before Luther but none that had been translated for ordinary Germans In 1534 Luther decided to translate the Old Testament Luther did not provide a word for word translation, instead he wrote how the Germans actually spoke and to speak like commoners Hochsprache means standard German, the language Luther created and the vocabulary he used was very basic so every German could understand One in five German houses had this book Some of Luthers chorales remain in use today Chapter 7 Snow White vs. Napoleon The Grimms fairy tales are about the destiny of Germany that reflect on the hopes and fears of the Germans and politics Kinder und Hausmarchen Childrens and Household Tales by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm The brothers Grimm both researched immensely on the study of the German language
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