GER-E 121 Chapter 1-4: The Ghost of Berlin readings

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Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

The Jewish Company Behind a German Slogan Dem Deutschen Volke Reichstag inscription was created long before Hitler used it In 1916 it was intended to assert the values of parliamentary democracy It is bronze lettering created by a successful Jewish company in berlin The family came to berlin from East Prussia and established a foundry in 1855 The inscription was bolted to the frieze above the entrance to show the democratic dementing of the German Reich The Loevy family, the ones who used the inscription first, were bourgeoisie The Loevy family then emigrated after the Nazis took over the foundry Some of the Loevy family got captured and died in camps The ghost of berlin 4770 The holy roman emperor gave the territory of Brandenburg to Burgrave Freidrich The loss of Brandenburg was a big loss in German history Fredrich Wilhelm actively recruited persecuted Protestants and some Jews expelled from Vienna to populate Berlin Elector Freidrich III was the one to unite the five towns into the single City of berlin in 1709 Elector Freidrich III was then named king because he was not affiliated with the Holy Roman Empire and called himself the king in Prussia King Freidrich learned that are and learning would contribute to his legacy He put a lot of pretty architecture in place and made the city filled with sculptures and gardens 1200 room palace in berlin in the 1700s was when the city was at 60,000 population The lustgarten became a symbolic focal point of the states made by architect Karl Schinkel Schinkel is known for creating some of the most notable pieces in berlin The Palace for a long time was the high profile residence that was declined to be used by the Third Reich By 1945 bombs had seriously damaged the palace and burned most of it They had three options; leave the ruins up, build it back up or destroy it They decided to remove the ruins and that took months Only a few remains stood intact, the lustgarten, cathedral, museum and arsenal The telltale foreskin Circumcision for jewish people has become a practice of infant males The religious rationale is that circumcision completes the body The circumcision marked the jewish body as inherently different
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