GER-G 100 Chapter 1: Netzwerk Kapital 1 Notes (auf Englisch)

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Germanic Languages
GER-G 100
Kriss, Emma

Chapter 1 Objectives: Say Hello and Goodbye Introduce yourself to someone else Say where you are from Give your email address Give your telephone number Say how you are Know: Vocabulary for introductions Numbers 020 The Alphabet Names of some countries and their languages WQuestions Personal pronouncs How to ask for clarification Introduce Yourself: Hallo Hello Wie heit du? What is your name? Who are you? Ich heie Ich bin My name is I am Wie ghets? How are you? gut sehr gut good very good danke thank you Und dir? And you? Auch gut, danke. Also good, thank you. Esh geht. Im soso. Tschs! Later! Guten Tag! Good day! Hello! Das ist This is Mein Name ist My name is Wie Heien Sie? What is your name? Auf Wiedersehen! Good bye! Auf Wiedersehen is more formal. Good bye! (Literally, seen again) Tschs (or TschTschss) is less formal, more like Later!
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