SPH-M 211 Chapter 13-18: Textbook reading Ch. 13-18

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Public Health
SPH-M 211
Mc Nary

Chapter 13 Market segments groups that share several characteristics Target markets the selected market segments chosen by marketers Three motivations for participating in sport achievement, social, and mastery Extrinsic rewards medals, trophies, awards Intrinsic rewards challenging yourself Culture is a large influencer of sports Aspirational reference group groups in which a person is not currently a member but aspires to be one. Michael Jordan (be like mike) used to sell a product Marketers are more likely to sell you products that help you look and feel as though you belong to the group 4 categories of situational influence 1. Physical surroundings geographic location, dcor, sound, smell, lighting, weather (store that looks like a basketball court) 2. Social surroundings effects of the physical presence of others (doing what the group does) 3. Task requirements intent of purchasing equipment (buying shorts with a pocket for a phone) 4. Antecedent states anxiety, excitement, hunger (buying a tshirt after a win) Decision process 1. Need recognition see a product and need it 2. Information search is this the best product I can get 3. Evaluation of alternatives do I need this product of another Cognitive dissonance feelings of doubt after a purchase Chapter 14 Effects are the varied results of communication and include; Uses and gratification members select the mass media messages that embrace their psychological dispositions and needs, and reject messages that they dont find useful Agenda setting mass media influences the public agenda and influences what issues people think about Diffusion of information one of the ways mass media is shared is through people sharing information with others
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