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Chapter 5

SOCI 140 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Affect Control Theory, Impression Management, Symbolic Interactionism

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SOCI 140
Aaron Peeks Mease

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Chapter 5 Vocab
Affect control theory
o The theory that incorporates elements of symbolic interactionism and
identity theory to explain the role of sentiments in identity process
o Part of dramaturgical sociology referring to the region where we relax our
impression management efforts
o In social identity theory,the process through which we draw sharp dividing
lines between group membership categories and assign people(including
themselves) to relevant categories
Dramaturgical sociology
o The study of how we present ourselves, playing roles and managing
impressions through interactions with other people
Emotional arousal
o Inferences about out abilities based on our emotional states that we use to
build our sense of mastery
o Any way in which we try to protect our own and others' representations of
our self
Front stage
o Part of dramaturgical sociology referring to the place where we present
ourselves to others
o The part of the self that is active, engaging in interactions with others
o Our internalizes, stable sense of who we are
Identity control theory
o interactionist theory that argues that individuals tend to seek confirmation
and self-meanings
Impression management
o The ways individuals seek to control the impressions they convey to other
Impressions given
o The impressions that we believe we are giving
Impressions given off
o The actual impression the other person has of us
o Our perception of our ability to control things important to us
o Our sense that we are important to other people in the world
o The part of self that includes and organized set of attitudes toward the self
Oceanic self
o Dimension of the Twenty Statements Test referring to a holistic description
of the self
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