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Chapter 1

ART 1107 Chapter 1: ART Chapter 1

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ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

Chapter 1: Art and Art Making • Humans make art to understand life, to communicate emotions and ideas, or to create something beautiful. • There are ways to understand and appreciate art *Definition of Art: Art is primarily visual medium used to express ideas about our human experience and the world around us. Art can be understood focusing on: • Function • Visual Form (Formal = Shape) • Content • Aesthetics *AESTHETICS … the study of visual language Or more specifically the study of how things appear, our collective tastes, and how images function 1. A Branch of Philosophy 2. The Study of Creativity Functions of Art: • Assists in rituals • Reflects customs • Communicates • Helps us imagine the divine Art has visual form: allows the work to be seen or touched, and ideas to be communicated. Visual Form is the language of art. Visual Form includes: The formal elements Composition Materials Art is not a universal and fixed definition. Aesthetics change over time. Sandra Botticelli Birth of Venus *Les Demoiselles d’Avigon is thought by many to be the first real painting of the Modernism era. Aesthetics Change by Geographic area and culture. • In Nigeria, the sculpture reinforces the king’s power. (Olowe of Ise) • In ancient Rome, the sculpture also reinforces the ruler’s power. (Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius) Art and Style Vocabulary: • Art is representational when it contains entities from the world in recognizable form. • A related term, naturalistic refers to recognizable imagery depicted as seen in nature. • Idealized Art Expressionism: • Expressive or Expressionist styles of art communicate • Heightened emotions • A sense of urgency or spontaneity • Expressive Styles: Surreal refers to art that: Contains bizarre or Abstract or Non-Objective Art: • Abstract Art is the same as “nonobjective”. • Abstracted imagery may or may not be recognizable, but derived from reality by distorting, enlarging, and/or dissecting from nature. Cultural Styles are apparent when studying a particular art form that appears globally. • Islamic mosques are built globally. • Local solutions are different from each other. Artist Style… Refers to the distinguishing characteristics of an artist’s work. *Mme. Ginoux ... van Gogh (Portrait of Mme. Ginoux) vs Gauguin (Woman in a coffee house) Art is part of a visual culture; part of the vast amount of imagery that humans create and proliferate. Fine Art: A category of objects considered to be among the highest cultural ac
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