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Chapter 9

ART 1107 Chapter 9: ART Chapter 9

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ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

ART Chapter 9 Power, Politics, and Glory The Glory of the Ruler Want to show themselves in an idealized light Artistic Devices are used to glorify a ruler’s image: Idealized image: face and/or body depicted without flaw with youthful vigor, a wise or dignified demeanor. Symbols: indicate omnipotence, authority, divine blessing, military or religious power Compositional devices: occupies the center, shown larger other figures, clothing may attract attention Divine Rulers, Royalty, and Secular Religious Leaders Rulers have often considered themselves royalty, religious leaders, or divine Emperor Justinian and his attendants Emperor Justinian: civic authority and religious leader  emperor/priest Purple cloak and jewelry crown: Shows him as an emperor Carries golden bowl with bread: Shows him as priest Soldier’s shield displays “Chi-Rho”, ancient symbol of Christ Solar disk behind Emperor Justinian head which shows divine status Objects of Royalty and Prestige Royal persons have been exalted with thrones, garments, jewelry, or objects of power Ancient Hawaii, feathers were sacred  Only Royalty could own or wear feathers Triumph of the Will Film used as propaganda to prop of Hitler and the Nazi’s Palaces Following qualities: Grand size Lavish ornamentation Height Prominent artwork (adds symbolic content) Lamassu Guarded the palace gate, to terrify and intimidate all who entered Mythical creature with 5 legs Forbidden City in Beijing No commoners were allowed Built as an instrument to show empirical power Palace at Ikere Women are revered for their procreative power, the female towers the king, she is the source of power. Ceausescu’s Palace Heaviest building on the planet. Up on a hill  Power symbol Communist dictator of Romania. While,
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