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Chapter 3

ART 1107 Chapter 3: ART Chapter 3

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ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

ART Chapter 3 *A medium is the actual material substance used to make a work of art. *Vanitas: the impermanence of temporal life. Damien Hirst, For the Love of God Media in 2D Art: Drawing: one of the oldest disciplines, using a wide range of materials. Support: what holds the art – rock, paper, canvas Dry Media: pencil, charcoal, pastel, silverpoint Charcoal: carbon stick created from burnt wood Chalk and Pastel: colored materials held together by wax or glue Silverpoint: produced by a stylus made of silver that leaves marks on paper or wood coated with layers of gesso* as a ground. Wet Media: liquid form, ink the most common, used with either brush or pen. Printmaking: the process of making multiple impressions, using a printing plate, woodblock, stone or stencil. Intaglio: fine lines, high level or detail, rich/dark tones *Albrecht Durer. Knight, Death, and the Devil Drypoint Engraving Etching Relief  Woodblock prints Areas not to be printed are cut away. Areas to be printed are left higher. Ink is applied to the higher areas. The surface is sent through a press. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Die Brucke Exhibition Advertisement* Katsushika Hokusai – The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Lithography  Edvard Munch – Madonna Serigraphy  Andy Warhol , Marilyn Monroe Monotype: makes only one impression of an image Painting consists of 2 basic pigments  Pigments (what gives it color) and Binder (what sticks it to support)* Encaustic: one of the most ancient forms of painting media, pigments are mixed into hot beeswax, and blended until cool. Fayum Mummy Portrait from Egypt Fresco: used for large murals- painted directly onto plaster walls Fresco
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