LEGL 115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Elder Rights, Product Liability, Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal Assistant/Paralegal
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Paralegal Today Ch. 2 - Career Opportunities
Paralegals are in high demand because of their ability to provide competent legal services at
a lower cost to clients.
Small Law Firms:
โ—Opportunity to experience many different aspects of the practice of law
โ—Usually more personal and less formal
โ—Less support staff so work may involve more clerical work
Large Law Firms:
โ—More formal
โ—Work is often limited to specific areas of law or a specific and well-defined task
โ—Greater opportunities for promotions and career advancement
โ—More sophisticated technology and better research resources
Corporations and other Business Organizations:
โ—Work may involve drafting employee contracts, preparing financial reports, and
maintaining records under the supervision of an in-house attorney(s)
โ—Typically receive higher salaries than those working in law firms
โ—Work more regular hours
Administrative Agencies:
โ—Government agency employees typically work regular hours and fewer hours per
year (more vacation time)
โ—Excellent and comprehensive employee benefits
Legislative Offices:
โ—Duties include legal research and writing for legislators
Law Enforcement Offices and Courts:
โ—Public prosecutors and public defenders both use paralegals for assistance
โ—Work is also available in federal or state court administrative offices
โ—Work may involve filing documents, small claims, and bankruptcy cases
Legal Aid Offices:
โ—Provide legal services to those who cannot pay - usually government funded
โ—Typically lower salaries than other settings
โ—Some administrative agencies may allow paralegals to represent clients in hearings
and judicial proceedings
Freelance Paralegals:
โ—Perform work for many different attorneys on a contract basis
โ—Ability to set your own schedule, may be able to work from home
โ—Income can be unstable and inconsistent
โ—No benefits such as medical insurance
โ—Legal technician/Independent paralegal๎€: offers services to the public without
attorney supervision. Supply forms and procedural knowledge not advice.
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