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Chapter 1

COUN 400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Human Services

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Coun 400 Exam 1 Study Guide
Chapter 1
o No one pattern of characteristics to identify ideal
o Helper = human services professional
o Social workers
o Counselors
o Clinical and counseling psychologists
o Couple and family therapists
o Pastoral counselors
o Mental health nurses
o Rehab counselors
o Community mental health workers
o A pitfall of being a caregiver to your significant
people is that no one attends to your needs frequently
o You an easily become personally and professionally
burned out if you don’t learn how to ask for help
o Crucial to have healthy balance between caring for
others and taking care of yourself
o Professionals who have a wounded spirit need to
question their own spiritual health to be able to help
clients as they struggle with their issues
o Engaging in intense work with others can stimulate and
intensify your own pain
o Examine your own life situation before attempting to
deal with the lives of others
o Not necessary to deny being wanted or approved of and
appreciated, but if this is consistently in the
forefront, it can overshadow clients’ needs
o Helpers can foster client dependence due to the
helper’s need to be needed
o Clients won’t normally express appreciation
o If you become arrogant as a result of your status in
your job you may be unapproachable and keep yourself
from getting clients
o Despite satisfaction in influencing others, your
answers may not always be the best for that person
o Your purpose is to provide direction and assist
clients in discovering their own course of action
o In an ideal situation, your needs are met at the same
time that you meet your client’s needs
o If you are unaware of your needs, it is more likely
that your needs will determine the nature of your
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o Helpers who meet their own needs at the expense of
their clients deprive their clients of quality care to
which they are entitled
o Remain invested in the client’s process rather than
o Remain neutral with respect to client’s decisions
o Be willing to listen to someone’s concerns about you
entering the helping profession
o The inclination to give up too soon is greatest when
you first have to apply what you have learned in
classes to a situation in real life
o What worked in the lab doesn’t work so well in real
life situations
o A helper who makes a significant difference
o Committed to honest assessment of your own
strengths and weaknesses
o One of the most important instruments you possess
as a helper
o Basic curiosity and open to learning
o Fill in gaps in your knowledge
o Interpersonal skills needed to establish good
contact with other people and you can apply these
skills in the helping relationship
o Genuinely care for the people you help by doing
what is in their best interest
o Can deal with wide range of clients’ thoughts,
feelings, and behaviors
o Realize change is hard
o Stay with clients as they go through things
o See the world through the eyes of clients rather
than imposing your own vision of reality on them
o Able to invite clients to dream and fulfill them
o Flexible in applying strategies for change
o Adapt techniques
o Respect cultural and ethnic clients by not
putting them into a mold
o Take care of yourself physically, mentally,
psychologically, socially, and spiritually
o Engage in critical self examination
o Aware of your needs and motivations
o Establish meaningful relationships with a few
significant people
o Have a healthy sense of self love and pride
o Not self absorbed
o Question and interview people in helping professions
from a variety of settings
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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