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Chapter 2-3

COUN 400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2-3: Countertransference, Family Values, 18 Months

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Coun Exam 1 Ch 2
Certain basic values are important to maintain
mentally healthy lifestyles and for guiding and
evaluating the course of treatment
Clients are responsibility of choosing what values to
adopt, modify or discard, and what direction their
lives will take
Avoid disclosing a personal value that may steer
client toward accepting your value orientation
Reveal your values in a way that does not communicate
it directly or indirectly that the client should adopt
Help client explore and clarify their beliefs and
apply them to solving their own problems
Be aware of your own values, attitudes, beliefs, and
Avoid imposing values that are inconsistent with
counseling goals
Seek consultation when struggling with ethical dilemma
Referral is the last resort
Common characteristics of helpers working with LGB
o Negative personal reactions
o Limited empathy
o Lack of understanding
Familiarize yourself with legal requirements by state
Know and apply policies of agency where you work
Common issues
o Sexuality
o Abortion
o Religious and spiritual values
o Gender-role identity
o Family values
o LGB issues
o End of life decisions
Chapter 3:
As you work with clients every week, you will be affected by their pain
Seek help for yourself
Separate yourself from work
Working with people may resurrect themes in your life
Must be aware of all your issues
o Roots in client’s unresolved personal conflicts with significant others
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