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Chapter 3-5

AAAS 2000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3-5: Religion In Africa, Spirit Possession, Manhattan

African & African American Studies
Course Code
AAAS 2000
Dari Green

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AAAS Exam 2 Voa
1. James Oglethorpe- Holder of the royal charter to establish the colony of Georgia
2. Black English- A variety of American dialect that is influenced by West African grammar,
vocabulary, and pronunciation.
3. House of Burgesses- A representative body established at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619
4. Louisiana- Region of North America claimed by the French from 1699 to 1763, which stretched
from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes.
5. Pidgin- A simplified mixture of two or more languages used to communicate between people
who speak different languages
6. Nathaniel Bacon- Leader of 1 reellio agaist Virgiia’s plater elite
7. Anthony Johnson- Black Virginian who emerged from servitude to become a tobacco planter
8. Divination- A form of magic aimed at telling the future by interpreting a variety of signs.
9. New Amsterdam- Dutch settlement on Manhattan Island that later became New York City.
10. joint-stock companies- Primitive corporations that carried out British and Dutch colonization in
the Americas during the seventeenth century.
11. French and Indian War- A war between Great Britain and its American Indian allies and France
and its American Indian allies, fought between 1754 and 1763 for control of the eastern portion
of North America
12. Barbados- A sugar-producing island in the West Indies
13. incest taboos- Customary rules against sexual relations and marriage within family and kinship
14. manumission- The at of freeig a slave y the slave’s aster
15. Spanish Armada- A fleet that unsuccessfully attempted to carry out an invasion of England in
16. Church of England- A Protestant denomination established in the sixteenth century as the
English national form of Christianity with the English monarch as its head.
17. task system- Labor system in which slaves were assigned daily duties and were free to do what
they pleased once those duties were completed.
18. low country- The coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia
19. Cahokia- Large urban center of the Mississippian culture that was located near modern
20. spirit possession- A belief rooted in West African religions that ethereal presences may possess
human souls.
21. gang system- A mode of organizing labor that had West African antecedents. In this system
American slaves worked in groups under the direction of a slave driver.
22. slave codes- A series a laws passed to define those in bondage as property and that specified the
legal power masters had over those individuals
23. Jamestown- British settlement established by the Virginia Company of London in 1607.
24. Great Dismal Swamp- A heavily forested area on the VirginiaNorth Carolina border that served
as a refuge for fugitive slaves during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
25. planter elite- Those who owned the largest tobacco farms
26. chattel slavery-A form of bondage in which the enslaved are treated legally as property
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