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Chapter 9 Quiz

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ANTH 1001

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Quiz 9
Euprimates, the first true primates, consisted of the following two groups
a. Platyrrhines and Catarrhines
b. Adapids and Anthropoids
c. Plesiadapiforms and Omomyids
d. Omomyids and Adapids
Question 2
Higher primates most likely evolved from
a. Anthropoids.
b. Omomyids.
c. Adapids.
d. None of these is correct.
Question 3
Which of the following is unique to hominins?
a. power grip
b. precision grip
c. opposable thumb
d. All of these are correct.
Question 4
A valid criticism of the idea that anthropoids evolved independently in Africa and South
America is that
a. organisms cannot evolve into similar forms independently.
b. Africa’s fossil record dates back only 6 million years, so it is impossible to trace
independent evolution of primates in these two areas.
c. there are striking similarities between Old and New World primates not only in
phenotype but also in genotype.
d. None of these is correct.
Question 5
Eocene primates differ from Paleocene primates in the following way(s)
a. increased vision
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