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Aerospace Studies
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ASST 2001

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Erin Martinez
For my description of a building or sculpture that exists in the Baton Rouge area I
chose to describe the Planetarium at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum. This
building is located on River Road in Downtown Baton Rouge. I chose this building
because there are many different unique architectural aspects of it. The first thing I
noticed about this building is the dome shaped roof. The way the roof is rounded is very
unusual because the rest of the building is quite square and sharp, with clean edges. On
this part of the building, the walls are made of brick, but the roof seems to be made of
some other type of grey stone, much like cement. The decoration on this building is very
simple. On the front of the building there is not much detail other than the alternating
colors in the bricks. There are stripes of white bricks in certain areas, separated by the
rust color bricks used throughout rest of the building. In the front of the planetarium, near
the entrance, there are five columns lining the entranceway. The columns are white, and
seem to be made of stone. They are much like the columns we learned about in class from
other historical buildings. Also part of the planetarium, there is a side building connected
to the dome building. This side building is made of glass bounded by a metal frame.
Something that interests me about this building is that the building becomes wide towards
the top and skinnier towards the bottom, almost like an upside down pyramid. It
reminded me of some type of abstract art.
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