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Sociology 1001 Ch.1 9/18/2015 3:07:00 AM
Ch.1: What’s Sociology and How did it develop?
LLWS and Danny Almonte Story
o Light skinned African American left handed from Bronx and
Dominican republic, fast ball at 92 mph
o When team made to semi news came out he was 14 playing
in 12 league. Kicked out
o Was living with Father and were illegal immigrants.
o Was not going to school, father wanted son to be in MLB for
the money.
o Detective sent to Dominican Republic to find out age, their
were two birth certificate one 12 other 14. Only found 12 one
Michael Brown and following protest/riots in Ferguson
o 70% Black 30% White
o Tension between cops and citizens before shooting (police
mainly white)
o Poverty may or may not be a factor in this case
o Trigger event (shooting of Michael Brown) Where all the
tensions came to light.
Sociological perspective/Sociological imagination
o Sociological imagination: Something you do not actually see
but make sociological conclusion based on what you learned.
Critical thinking
o Important to make your own conclusions and question what
you are told.
Sociological perspectives on: Katrina/Earthquake
o 75% were black
o Women were doing much better then men (social network)-
adjusting to shelter ect.
o Fear of crime was elevated
o Poverty level is lower now then before Katrina in New
Sociology defined
o The scientific study of social relationships, social institutions,
and society.
o It is science because its based off of data, not humanities.
o Empirical

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Micro and macro level Sociology : Social institutions vs. interactions
o Micro
Personal relationship with people
Parents, bf/gf, teacher, family
o Macro
Sociology and common sense
o Marriage and divorce
Divorce rate is in decline since 1980.
o Capital punishment
Has nothing to do with the murder rate
o Race and suicide
White male most likely to commit suicide
Males are more violent
Males have more guns
White males take role seriously if they feel they
have failed more likely to commit suicide.
Black Female least likely to commit suicide
Sociology and other social sciences
o Economics
Money/other resources. exchange theory
The exchange has to be fair, if not fair people will
Battered women the exchange is not fair
o Anthropology
Family comparative perspective
Genealogy families will exchange
Symbolic exchange of bracelet between two far
away islands was a symbolic way to show an
o Political Science
Social order
How to not have conflict

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Society is based on the continuous conflict and
o Psychology
Social psychology
Symbolic interactionism
Anything we put a symbol to
o Social Work
Basic vs. applied sciences
Basic is very abstract
Applied is how you can attract someone based on
lab experiment
Social work is only all applied
The development of sociology: started in mid 19 century (1960-70 really
Comte (Father of sociology): He came of with the term, means
science of sociology. Peaceful and changing time
o Social physics:
o Law of human progress: Unique line of development of
human society
o Social statics/dynamics: Stable then humans go through a
change; social change
o Did not use data only used what was in his mind.
o Theory of social evolution:
o Survival of the fittest: Refers to society, the best fit society
will remain and others will go down and be destroyed
o Darwin and spencer influenced each other Darwin with
species spencer with humans
Karl Marx- economist, psychologist, sociologist
o Exploitation (surplus value): Some people take advantage of
other people.
Women and children were taken advantage of in the
farms and factories
People sold labor because they did not have factories or
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