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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 An Intro To Life On Earth (got 96%)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001
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Fillin blanks AND be sure to add all of the information that is presented in class so these notes and future notes will be completeNote Drawing lines in this outline during lecture to indicate a new slide may be helpful4 Living organisms acquire and use materials and energyNutrients include minerals oxygen water and others chemical building blocksEnergy the ability to do work almost all life is sustained by energy originally provided by the sun Photosynthetic organisms capture energy and store it in energy rich moleculesLiving organisms acquire and use materials and energy energy flows while the nutrients cycle Energy is acquired from sun by photosynthetic organisms and transferred through organisms that eat other forms of lifeChapter 1 continued5 Living organisms grow Growth involves the Conversion of materials from the environment into molecules of the organisms body6 Living organisms reproduce Give rise to offspring which allows for the continuation of lifeReproductive process differs between organismsEnd result is the sameA parents genes are passed on7 Living organisms collectively have the capacity to evolveEvolution occurs through the process of natural selectionThe process by which organisms with specific adaptations reproduce more successfully than othersEx Giraffes with long necks can reach food that others cannotThereforeAll identified life forms possess these seven characteristics Are viruses alive They do not grow or acquire their own nutrients but they reproduce and evolve They are not cells they are just genetic material Made up of DNA or RNA with a protein coatThey are hijackers who cause the infected host cells to become virus making factoriesGenetic material can quickly change as mistakes in replication mutations are commonWhat life characteristics do they haveWhat life characteristics do they lack
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