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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Atoms Molecules And Life Part 2 Of 2 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001

Why Is Water So Important to Life Water makes up 6090 body weight of most organisms Special Properties of WaterWater molecules attract one anotherCohesion the molecules of a substance tend to stick togetherHydrogen bonding between water molecules produces high cohesionWater cohesion explains how water molecules can form a chain in delivering moisture to the top of a tree R below Fig 28Cohesion of water molecules along a surface produces Surface tensionSpiders and water striders rely on surface tension to move across the surface of ponds L BelowWater molecules stick to polar or charged surfaces according to the property called adhesionAdhesion helps water climb up the thin tubes of plants to the leavesWater interacts with many other moleculesWater is an excellent solventA wide range of substances dissolve are completely surrounded and dispersed in water to form solutionsAuthor Animation Water as a solventWater as a SolventWater interacts with many other molecules continuedWater soluble molecules are HydrophillicEx sugars and amino acidsWaterinsoluble moleculesare hydrophobicExfat and oilswaterbased solutions can be acidic basic or neutralA small fraction of water molecules break apart into ions Fig 211HOOHH2Solutions where HOH are acidicFor example hydrochloric acid ionizes in waterHClHClLemon juice and vinegar are naturally occurring acidsSolutions where OHH are basic
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