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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Atoms Molecules And Life Part 1 Of 2 (98% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1001

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Questions for you to study from Chapter 1Chapter 2 follows below the questions1What are the 7 characteristics that all organisms share Be composed of cells maintain homeostasis respond to stimuli use and convert materials and energy grow reproduce and evolve2What are the characteristics of life that viruses lackName those that they haveThey do not grow or acquire nutrients but they reproduce and evolve They are not cells they are just genetic material3What are the 3 domains of lifeHow are they differentsimilar Singlecelled andor multicellular organisms heterotrophs autotrophs prokaryotic eukaryotic Bacteria Achaea eukaryotes4How are prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells differentWhat cell structures do they both have5Species names are made up of what partsAlso put all categories in order from domain to specific epithetKingdom phylumclassorderfamilygenusspecies6What are the levels of life from atoms to the biosphere7What is the purpose of the scientific methodWhat are the parts of the scientific methodWhat are variables8How are hypotheses different from theoriesAtoms Molecules and LifeChapter 2Coming up in this chapterWhat Are Atoms How Do Atoms Interact to Form MoleculesWhy is Water So Important to Life atoms are the fundamental structural units of matter and are composed of three types of particlesIn the nucleus there are postively charged protons and uncharged neutronsIn orbit around the nucleus are negatively charged particles called electronsAtoms are electrically neutral because their number of protons and electrons is equal
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