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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Cell Structure And Function Part 1 Of 2

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001
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Chapter 4 Cell Structure and Function part 1 of 2Whats ahead1Cell Theory 2Basic Attributes of Cells3Major Features of Prokaryotic Cells4Major Features of Eukaryotic Cells Cell TheoryThree principles comprise the cell theory1Every living organism is made of one or more cells2The smallest organisms are single cells and cells are the functional units of multicellular organisms 3All cells arise from preexisting cellsBasic Attributes of CellsCell function limits cell sizeUsually from about 1 to 100 micrometers in diameter Fig 42WhyCells must exchange nutrients and wastes with environmentNo part of the cell can be too far away from the external environmentAll cells share common features1 The plasma membrane PM encloses the cell and allows interactions between the cell and its environment Fig 42It is made up of lipid protein and carbohydrate molecules and regulates the passage of ions and molecules in and out of cells2 The cytoplasm consists of all the fluid and structuresThe fluid portion cytoplasmic fluid contains water salts and organic moleculesMost of the cells metabolic activities occur hereAnimal cell Fig 43 Plant cell Fig 441All cells use DNA as a hereditary blueprint2All cells use RNA and to guide construction of proteins
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